About Me

I’m Linda Burkins and I have over two decades of experience as a writer, publicist, and editor.

I’ve written feature articles for newspapers and magazines such as I95 Business, Harford Magazine,  The Baltimore Sun, The Catholic Review, Prime Times, and Mason-Dixon Arrive. I’ve also designed websites and provided content for leading web content providers like Demand Studios, Examiner.com and Tribune Media (now re-branded with the painfully un-catchy name of tronc). And I’ve done publicity work for authors, nonprofits and arts organizations.

But after over twenty years as a reporter and publicist, I’m calling it a day. The media landscape has changed a lot in those two decades. In fact, there are a lot of craters and potholes where newspapers and magazines used to be. But more importantly, I’m just not excited about writing features and light news articles or managing PR projects anymore.

I’ve shifted careers and now work in a large and very fascinating public library. So yes, it’s still all about words, words, words with me — but now I feel like I make a day-to-day difference for all the people I serve there.

In any event, if I’ve worked with you in the past and you have a very special project that only I can possibly do for you, give me a call or drop me a line. Otherwise, check out my fiction writing alter ego, Lynn Reynolds, to see what comes next.

Thanks for stopping by!



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